Tips for caring for an Eczema Baby
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Tips for caring for an Eczema Baby

Have you ever feel rashes on your skin? Just imagine the itchiness caused by the rashes, now add some scaly texture, and multiply the itchiness of the rashes by 10. Now, that is how a person feels during Eczema. In the case of babies, a more difficult visualization. To protect your child from Eczema, read the article to the bottom line, we are sure that this article will help you.

What is Eczema baby?

What is Eczema?

A medical issue due to which skin becomes irritated and inflamed. This disease is most common in little toddlers than Youngers. For babies, it is very difficult to endure this disease because its symptoms are soreness, itchiness, inflamed, and scaly skin.

What how Eczema looks like?

Eczema shows as patches of dry or red skin. It can arise in any portion of the body. Most common, on joints of the legs and arms, and cheeks. Some people get confuse baby Eczema with cradle crap. Cradle Crap is much less dry and red and it can be removed in 7 to 8 months. The most common areas are nose sides, eyebrows, back of ears, eyelids, and scalps.


It can acquire from family to family. If parents have symptoms of Eczema, then their babies have greater chances of getting Eczema.

Problematic skin can cause germs in and moisture out which can be a cause of getting Eczema.

Fatty cells if produce in low amounts can also be a cause of Eczema. Due to the low amount of fatty cells Skin becomes dry and loses water.

Tips For Caring For Your Child With Eczema

How Eczema become worse?

Irritants: Laundry and body soaps, perfumes, polyester, wool clothes, and some other irritants can be a cause.

Dry skin: Dryness can make a baby’s skin itchier. In winters, when rooms are heated and the environment has low humidity can be a cause.

Stress: Children may become stress due to Eczema. And the skin will become irritated, and itchy.

Sweetness and heat: Both factors can make the Eczema worse.

Allergens: Some medical experts conclude that removing eggs, cow’s milk, certain fruits, and peanuts from your children’s food may help in controlling Eczema. Keep in mind, if you eat those foods before breastfeeding then your child will also manifest to these foods.

Home treatment:

A warm bath: This makes the skin cool and hydrated. It will also make the itchiness less effective. Don’t heat the water too much. Heat the water for just 10 minutes. You can also try some oatmeal products for soaking.

Moisturizers: Those moisturizers in which ceramides are included are the best. You can use it by taking a prescription. Ointments, fragrance-free moisturizers like petroleum jelly will help to retain the natural moisturizer of the skin.

Clean attentively: Don’t use soaps too much, only use it when your toddler becomes dirty.

Apply loose clothes: If you don’t want your child to get irritated from the clothes. Then apply loose clothes like cotton.

Don’t forget to wash the new clothes after buying them. Use a fragrance-free or mild detergent. Don’t dress your child with too many blankets, because your child will become sweaty or hot, then it may cause Eczema to grow.

Tips for selecting the best Soap, Washes, and Shampoos for a baby with Eczema

Tips for selecting the best Soap, Washes, and Shampoos for a baby with Eczema:

Fragrance-Free: Use fragrance-free washes. Many soaps have a fragrance that offers no benefit to your child.

Hypoallergenic soaps: If your child has sensitive skin, and suffers from dryness or Eczema. Then we recommend you to choose the hypoallergenic soaps, baby shampoos, and washes.

Don’t buy additional Lather Soaps: Due to more additional Surfactants (chemicals), Lather Soaps create more fuss and can remove out the essential oils from the skin that help in protecting the skin’s moisturizer.

Non-toxic and gentle Soaps: Use Soaps that have no amount of added chemicals and are non-toxic. Always buy the Soaps that are made for Eczema and sensitive skin. Harsh Soap can cause more rashes to baby skin even after Eczema and increase the irritation of the skin. Bar Soaps are more harmful than liquid cleansers. Recent studies shows that cleansers rich with moisturizer makes the skin less dry and add moisture to the skin.

Read the description: Before buys baby soap, first look at the description or label on the bottle and make sure that it is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. If you don’t know about any ingredient then look for the ingredient on the internet and find whether it is toxic or not. Beware of soaps that contain propylene, glycol, alcohol, and other irritants like Parabens (Preservative), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, cinnamon, vanilla, sticky sap, and Balsam of Peru also called Myroxylon. Soaps that are made from natural ingredients are the best option for babies having sensitive skin. Some good natural ingredients are almond, coconut oils, olive oils, honey, cocoa butter, and milk.


What are the best products parents should use on a child with Eczema’s skin?

A lot of brands are available in the market and many of them contain harmful chemicals that are not good for your baby. We are listing some best baby washes or Soaps that help protect your child from Eczema. Read more www.TheTinyMom.Com

Cerave Wash and Shampoo for baby
Cerave Wash and Shampoo, Sulfate, Parabens, and Fragrance-free.
Mustela Stelatopia shampoo for newborn, special for Eczema, including Natural Avocado.
Live Clean Baby Wash, Gentle Moisturizer, and Soap.
  • Cerave Wash and Shampoo, Sulfate, Parabens, and Fragrance-free.
  • Mustela Stelatopia shampoo for newborn, special for Eczema, including Natural Avocado.
  • Live Clean Baby Wash, Gentle Moisturizer, and Soap.
  • California Baby Eczema Shampoo and Body Wash, Skin protector for Face, Body, and Hair.
  • Heal Soul, Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soap, made with natural organic oils, Vegan, and fragrance-free.
  • Burt’s Bees Baby Foaming Wash and Shampoo, gentle and safe cleanser.
  • Cetaphil Baby wash and Shampoo, with organic Calendula
  • Attitude baby Shampoo, 2 in 1, chemical-free hypoallergenic, fragrance-free.
  • Vanicream Cleansing Bar, free of fragrance, dyes, lanolin, formaldehyde, and Parabens.
  • Eucerin Baby Wash and Shampoo, Fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, Soothe and Nourish sensitive skin.

Bottom Line:

Having your baby suffer from Eczema is heartbreaking. We tried our best in helping you protect your child from Eczema. We showed you some products that can help you. Always read the label of the product before buying it. Always consult with your doctor before buying any product and take any precautions.

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